pbq committed to quality battery solutions, with the understanding of environmental protection. pbq's environmental and production engineers follow the procedures, certified by ISO 14001, to reduce side products and energy consumption. pbq supports the environment by reducing emissions with the producing of all battery products. pbq continue improve on all her VRLA battery products by taking care of energy resources. pbq’s efforts are focused on ensuring products and services that help our customers minimize the effects of climate change.

pbq sustainable battery solutions

pbq delivers sustainable battery solutions combined with solar panels and wind turbines. When batteries are combined with a solar panel or a wind turbine, this is known as a sustainable autonomous energy system. pbq offers 2V Single cell battery solutions with a large capacity range up to 1500Ah per cell. 12V cyclic batteries are also a common solution for sustainable energy systems.

Battery recycling

The idea that batteries have an environmental impact is wrong. 98% of all components in each pbq battery can be recycled. pbq is committed to collect old batteries and recycle aims to produce new batteries it again. Whether it is a VRLA battery, AGM battery or Gel battery, each pbq battery is recyclable after use.

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