pbq history

pbq was founded in 2001 and has become a globally recognized brand specialized in AGM batteries, Gel batteries and Lithium batteries. After years of research and innovation pbq is able to provide a suitable battery for various applications. pbq competes worldwide as provider of complete battery solutions for industrial and mobile use.

pbq batteries - leading in quality

Professional battery quality is what it’s all about. With a range of well over 50 models, pbq offers one of the widest selections in the battery industry. The batteries are designed with the cost and quality conscious user in mind offering an excellent price/performance ratio. All products are made under ISO specifications and are vigorously tested before they are released for sale to our customers and distributors.

pbq product range 

We offer a wide product range of batteries to our customers and prospects. In the VRLA range this includes special VdS approved batteries, Cyclic (deep discharge) batteries, High Discharge rate batteries, Mono-blocks and Front Access models. For several customer pbq has designed special models for their applications. Apart from a wide range of VRLA battery products, pbq also supplies Lithium batteries. Small portable Lithium batteries are being offered in all three major chemistries: Li-SOCl2, Li-MnO2 and Li-SO2. Our R&D department just introduced a new pbq Lithium Iron Phosphate range.

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