AGM battery

AGM stands for absorption glass mat, so named because these batteries are made up of mats in which thin glass fibres are woven to increase the surface area. This allows the AGM battery to work like the flooded lead acid battery with the exception that the electrolyte in the AGM battery does not freely flood the plates but rather is held in the glass mats. The thin glass fibres do not absorb the electrolyte nor are they affected by the acidic electrolyte but simply hold the electrolyte preventing it from spilling when the battery is tipped over.

AGM battery advantages

An AGM battery never needs watering, it is considered to be maintenance free. This makes an AGM battery ideal to use in situations where getting hold of water to water a battery may be an issue. AGM batteries don't give off any gas when being charged so there is less worry about having the right ventilation when charging an AGM battery. AGM batteries are unspillable, what means that the electrolyte isn’t going to spill out of the battery, so they also can be installed in any position. AGM batteries are better for the environment than old wet lead-acid batteries, they are also almost for 100% recyclable. AGM batteries can withstand very low temperatures without freezing or cracking.

AGM battery applications

AGM batteries made by pbq can be used for starter, deep cycle, Long Life and High rate applications. pbq offers several AGM battery series for all kind of applications. For toys, small UPS systems and low High rate applications pbq delivers the General Purpose series. Looking for a cyclic battery, choose a battery of the Cyclic series. When you’re working in the Telecommunication market, an AGM battery of the Front Access series is suited for 19”cabinets. In data centers and larger emergency power / UPS systems AGM battery solutions can be chosen of the Long Life series or the High Rate series. For Solar systems, 2V batteries of the Single Cells series are a reliable solution with a large capacity range. pbq AGM batteries have a lot of advantages that make them the ideal batteries to use in many circumstances.