Cyclic battery series

Cyclic battery series
Product Type Voltage Capacity Size (lxwxh)
pbq C 7-12  AGM battery  12V  7Ah  151x65x94/100mm  
pbq C 12-12  AGM battery  12V  12Ah  151x98x94/100mm 
pbq C 26-12  AGM battery  12V  26Ah  175x166x125mm 
pbq C 33-12  AGM battery  12V  33Ah  195x129x178mm 
pbq C 38-12  AGM battery  12V  38Ah  198x166x171mm 
pbq C 80-12AJ  AGM battery  12V  80Ah  353x175x190mm 

Cyclic batteries

The pbq cyclic batteries differ from standard batteries in several ways: the lead plates are made of another alloy and the grids are shaped differently than those found in standard VRLA batteries

Functional life of cyclic batteries is normally calculated as the number of discharges versus the depth of the discharge (DoD – Depth Of Discharge).



Battery construction of cyclic batteries

Due to the addition of other metals, the lead plates are harder while the different grid shape ensures an excellent conductivity and improved adhesion between the plates and the paste. 

What is the functional life of a cyclic battery? 

pbq cyclic VRLA batteries offers an exceptionally good functional life with well over 1.200 cycles at 30% DoD. However, the deeper the discharge, the fewer the total number of cycles obtainable from the battery. It is therefore best to select the battery such that a depth of discharge between 30% and 50% will be reached during normal use or use the largest battery that fits your budget and physical space.

Charging cyclic batteries

Although it is possible to charge a cyclic battery with 13,8V at 25oC it is advised to use a 2- or 3-step charger that starts its charge cycle at 14,5 – 14,9V at 25oC. This slightly higher voltage helps in a better conversion of PbO2 (LeadOxide) to pure Pb (Lead) and will ensure a low internal resistance of the battery. 2 and 3 step chargers will drop the voltage when the battery reaches around 60% of its capacity and overcharging will thus be prevented. 

Typical applications of cyclic batteries

  • Golf trolleys & buggies
  • Wheelchairs and scooters
  • Lifts, elevators & hoists
  • Electric bikes / steps
  • Solar and wind energy
  • Tools