General Purpose battery series

General Purpose battery series
Product Type Voltage Capacity Size (lxwxh)
pbq 3.5-4  AGM battery  4V  3,5Ah  91x35x61/64mm 
pbq 1.2-6  AGM battery  6V  1,2Ah  97x24x52/58mm 
pbq 3.2-6  AGM battery  6V  3,2Ah  134x34x61/67mm 
pbq 3.5-6  AGM battery  6V  3,5Ah  194x25x50/56mm 
pbq 4.5-6  AGM battery  6V  4,5Ah  47x70x101/107mm 
pbq 7-6  AGM battery  6V  7Ah  151x34x94/100mm 
pbq 12-6  AGM battery  6V  12Ah  151x50x94/100mm 
pbq 0.8-12  AGM battery  12V  0,8Ah  96x25x62mm 
pbq 1.2-12 VdS  AGM battery  12V  1,2Ah  97x43x52/58mm 
pbq 1.3-12  AGM battery  12V  1,3Ah  97x48x52/58mm 
pbq 2.3 - 12 C  AGM battery  12V  2,3Ah  182x23x61mm 
pbq 2.3-12 VdS  AGM battery  12V  2,3Ah  178x35x61/67mm 
pbq 2.6-12  AGM battery  12V  2,6Ah  178x35x61/67mm 
pbq 2.9-12  AGM battery  12V  2,9Ah  79x56x99/102mm 
pbq 3.2-12 VdS  AGM battery  12V  3,2Ah  134x67x61/67mm 
pbq 3.4-12  AGM battery  12V  3,4Ah  134x67x61/67mm 
pbq 4-12  AGM battery  12V  4Ah  195x47x70/74mm 
pbq 5.2-12  AGM battery  12V  5,2Ah  90x70x102/106mm 
pbq 7-12 L VdS  AGM battery  12V  7Ah  151x65x94/100mm 
pbq 7-12 VdS  AGM battery  12V  7Ah  151x65x94/100mm 
pbq 12-12 VdS  AGM battery  12V  12Ah  151x98x95/101mm 
pbq 18-12 VdS  AGM battery  12V  18Ah  181x76x166mm 
pbq 26-12 VdS  AGM battery  12V  26Ah  166x175x125mm 
pbq 28-12 T2  AGM battery  12V  28Ah  165x125x175mm 
pbq 40-12 VdS  AGM battery  12V  40Ah  197x165x171mm 
pbq 65-12 VdS  AGM battery  12V  65Ah  350x167x179/186mm 

General Purpose batteries

With a range of well over 25 models, pbq offers one of the widest selections in the battery industry. The batteries are designed with the cost and quality conscious user in mind offering an excellent price/performance ratio. A large number of manufacturers are shrinking their product range by dropping the lower capacity models in general and the 6 Volt batteries in particular. However, pbq has a full series of 6 and 12 Volt models available for a wide range of applications and intents to keep this range in production for many years to come. These General Purpose batteries have been designed for a functional life of 3-5 years at an operating temperature of 25°C in a standby application.

VdS approved VRLA batteries

The VdS-approved pbq batteries form a special range that has been tested and qualified by the German VdS institute. The concept behind VdS recognition; ensuring tested and certified quality in the products and services being offered in the safety and security markets, is of equally advantageous for user and supplier.

Flame Retardant ABS casing

All VdS models are accomplished in Flame Retardant ABS casing. Due to the right choice of the flame retardant, the batteries remain RoHS Compliant.

Typical applications of general purpose batteries