High Rate battery series

High Rate battery series
Product Type Voltage Capacity Size (lxwxh)
pbq HR 6.5-12  AGM battery  12V  6,5Ah  151x52x94/99mm 
pbq HR 9-12  AGM battery  12V  9Ah  151x65x94/100mm 
pbq HR 15-12  AGM battery  12V  15Ah  151x98x94/98mm 
pbq HR 22-12  AGM battery  12V  22Ah  181x77x167mm 
pbq HR 33-12  AGM battery  12V  33Ah  175x166x123/125mm 
pbq HR 40-12  AGM battery  12V  40Ah  195x129x155/179mm 
pbq HR 50-12  AGM battery  12V  50Ah  197x165x171mm 

High Rate batteries

The range of special High Discharge models offer excellent characteristics for applications that require very high discharge rates. For example, the 12V 9Ah High Rate battery has dimensions equal to those of a standard 12V 7Ah battery but delivers nearly 30% more power. While the 12V 33Ah High Rate battery comes in the shape of a standard 12V 28Ah battery. 

12V 22Ah High Rate battery

The pbq 22HR-12 is a 22Ah battery especially designed for customer requiring a battery in the shape of a standard 12V 18Ah battery but with increased capacity. Imagine the case where you change your computer system and find out that a controlled shutdown takes longer that your UPS is able to deliver! Just exchange the standard batteries with the pbq HR 22-12 and you instantly gain more backup time. Being able to deliver a 100A current during 5 minutes and even much higher start-up currents makes this battery also ideally suited as a stand-by power source for electric motors, cooling equipment etc.

12V 15Ah High Rate battery

The pbq HR 15-12 is a very popular model for electric bikes and scooters since it is shaped like a standard 12V 12Ah battery but offers 25% more capacity and is able to cope with the high inrush currents usually associated with electric motors. With an internal resistance of less than 12mOhm the voltage during discharge remains higher than when using standard 12V 12Ah cyclic or stand-by batteries. The compact form-factor ensures that this battery can be used as a direct replacement for standard 12V 12Ah batteries.

High Rate battery technology

In order to keep grid-corrosion and current per cm2 at acceptable levels, the pbq HR Discharge batteries are constructed around a larger area for both positive and negative material. This is done by adding extra plates in the same volume. Rather than use electrolyte with a higher specific gravity, a method rejected by pbq since this will reduce the functional life of the batteries to unacceptable levels.

Typical applications of High Rate batteries 

Designed for a functional life of 4-5 years at 25ºC in backup applications, these AGM batteries are ideal for space limited applications requiring more power than can be delivered by a standard battery. Typical High rate battery applications: