Gel batteries

Gel batteries
Product Type Voltage Capacity Size (lxwxh)
pbq Gel 33-12  Gel battery  12V  33Ah  195x130x155/175mm 
pbq Gel 40-12  Gel battery  12V  40Ah  197x165x170/175mm 
pbq Gel 60-12  Gel battery  12V  60Ah  250x160x178/200mm 
pbq Gel 95-12  Gel battery  12V  95Ah  306x169x211/233mm 

Gel batteries

The pbq Gel batteries are VRLA batteries with a gelled electrolyte; the sulphuric acid is mixed with silica fume, which makes the resulting mass gel-like and immobile. This process decreases significantly the evaporation of hydrogen and the gelled electrolyte will also not stratify, which makes equalization charging redundant. Gel batteries are best used in VERY DEEP cycle applications and may last a bit longer under hot weather circumstances. The recharge voltage on this type of battery is lower than the other styles of lead acid battery. At pbq you'll find only high quality batteries including Gel cell batteries. We stock dependable Gel batteries in a range of amp hour ratings from 33 to 110.

Gel cell battery technology

A Gel battery is also known as a "gel cell" and gets its name from the gellified electrolyte employed to reduce electrolyte evaporation and spillage which often leads to corrosion problems. pbq Gel batteries are known for better resistance to extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration and do not even need to be kept upright. Chemically they are the same as wet-cell batteries except that the antimony in the lead plates is replaced by calcium. In addition, Gel battery technology is very similar to AGM batteries but uses this gelled electrolyte to recycle the gassing instead of the Absorbent Glass Material that AGM batteries utilize.

pbq Gel cell batteries are maintenance free

The Gel cel battery is also considered a VRLA battery, or Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery, and is designated a low-maintenance lead-acid rechargeable battery. pbq Gel batteries also refers to sealed lead-acid batteries, but will always include a safety pressure relief valve. Because the gel battery uses much less electrolyte or battery acid than traditional lead-acid batteries, they are also considered an "acid starved" design.

Typical Gel battery applications