Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries
Product Type Voltage Capacity Size (lxwxh)
pbq LiFe 5-12  Lithium  12V  5Ah  90x70x101mm 
pbq LiFe 7.5-12  Lithium  12V  7,5Ah  151x65x94mm 
pbq LiFe 10-12  Lithium  12V  10Ah  151x65x94mm 
pbq LiFe 15-12  Lithium  12V  15Ah  151x98x95mm 
pbq LiFe 20-12  Lithium  12V  20Ah  181x76x166mm 
pbq LiFe 30-12  Lithium  12V  30Ah  166x175x125mm 
pbq LiFe 40-12 H  Lithium  12V  40Ah  198x167x170mm 
pbq LiFe 50-12  Lithium  12V  50Ah  229x138x213mm 
pbq LiFe 60-12  Lithium  12V  60Ah  239x138x213mm 
pbq LiFe 80-12  Lithium  12V  80Ah  258x166x215mm 
pbq LiFe 100-12  Lithium  12V  100Ah  330x172x220mm  
pbq LiFe 200-12  Lithium  12V  200Ah  520x269x208mm 
pbq LiFe 10-24  Lithium  24V  10Ah  181x77x167mm 
pbq LiFe 20-24  Lithium  24V  20Ah  198x167x170mm 
pbq LiFe 30-24  Lithium  24V  30Ah  229x138x213mm 
pbq LiFe 40-24  Lithium  24V  40Ah  258x166x215mm 
pbq LiFe 50-24  Lithium  24V  50Ah  320x165x215mm 
pbq LiFe 60-24  Lithium  24V  60Ah  436x108x317mm 
pbq LiFe 100-24  Lithium  24V  100Ah  520x269x208mm 

Lithium LiFePO4 batteries

The pbq Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery is a product with great performance. It is even more. It is a total concept, serving all the parties downstream; from the very first production step, to the user, to transportation and even to the recycler. The pbq LiFePO4 concept embraces a long service life, optimal energy density in both volume as well as in weight and a high grade of safety.
The battery contains everything you need in a closed blue casing. Just connect it to your application without worrying about the safety features.


LiFePO4 battery applications

LiFePO4 batteries are ideal for deep cycle applications such as; electric scooters and vehicles, steps, golf carts, energy storage and tools. High power pbq LiFePO4 batteries has light weight and optimized size. Light weight means energy would be saved due to total weight reduced, and weight reduced also means long driving distance. Optimized size batteries are suitable to replace lead-acid batteries. LiFePO4 batteries enlarges your range of your applications!

Service life of pbq LiFePO4 batteries

The pbq LiFePO4 battery has a service life of more than 2000 cycles at 100% depth of discharge and a remaining capacity of 80%! This long lasting cyclic use offers an uninterrupted use of the application. It also reduces service costs, downtime of the equipment and replacements of the battery. Just calculate what this will save over time and see that it is worth to invest in. The calculated design life of the battery in stand-by use is more than 10 years, which is equivalent to the Eurobat standard High Performance.

Operating temperature range of a LiFePO4 battery

The pbq LiFePO4 has a wide temperature range. It operates between -20°C and 60°C. Since a battery is a chemical process, the performance will reduce under cold (-20°C) circumstances. A Lithium-Iron battery has approximately 65% remaining capacity at this temperature when it is fully charged.

LiFePO4 battery - Energy density

The extreme high energy density of the chemistry makes the battery light and compact. It reduces the required space so that it limits the size of your application, or -if it is a replacement for another chemistry- it give you the opportunity to put more amp hours in the same volume. In large UPS systems it directly saves you money, where you can reduce the footprint of your cabinet and limit the expensive square meters. Due to the reduced weight of the batteries, the floor load is less avoiding special construction measurements. Your service staff will acclaim less weight during (re)placement. It is obvious that these advantages deduct certain indirect costs.

LiFePO4 battery capacity

Different from VRLA batteries, Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries do not lose capacity when the drain current increases. In other words, the product of the service time and the drain current are always close to the rated capacity (C = I x t). Download the difference between VRLA and Lithium LiFePO4 batteries.

Charging a LiFePO4 battery

The pbq LiFePO4 batteries allow high charge currents up to 1C. This is three times faster compared to lead-acid batteries and reduces the charge time to approximately one hour. Thanks to this, the availability of your application increases.