Maintenance free batteries

What is a maintenance free battery? In most cases a lead battery without liquid electrolyte is called a maintenance free battery. The biggest advantage of a maintenance free battery is that it does not need to be refilled with water. For a maintenance-free battery this is not necessary because the acid is drained in a glass fiber mat or gel (AGM or gel battery). A maintenance free battery is equipped with pressure relief valves which prevent dangerous situations by pressure buildup in the battery. Therefore this battery is called Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) battery.

Applications for maintenance free batteries

Maintenance free batteries are used in many different applications. pbq Batteries supplies maintenance free batteries for stationary and cyclic use. Examples of stationary applications include security systems, emergency lighting, emergency power / UPS and Telecom. Examples of cyclic applications include: rehabilitation equipment, recreational vehicles, solar and wind energy systems.

Benefits of a maintenance free battery

  • higher capacity compared to other lead-acid batteries
  • high discharge
  • long design life
  • for both stationary and cyclic use
  • can be discharged in any position
  • safer than other lead-acid batteries
  • low self-discharge
  • ready for use
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