Battery guards

Battery guards
Product Type Voltage Capacity Size (lxwxh)
pbq battery guard 10A  Battery Protection  12V - 24V  10A  60x25x5mm (lxwxh) 
pbq battery guard 18A  Battery Protection  12V - 24V  18A  60x25x5mm  
pbq battery guard 40A  Battery Protection  12V - 24V  40A  88x49x64mm (lxwxh) 
pbq battery guard 60A  Battery Protection  12V - 24V  60A  60x40x80mm (lxwxh) 
pbq battery guard 100A  Battery Protection  12V - 24V  100A  120x110x60mm (lxwxh) 
pbq battery guard 200A  Battery Protection  12V - 24V  200A  120x110x60mm (lxwxh) 

pbq battery guards

A pbq battery guard (or Battery Protect) switches the current of your battery to the power consumer off, when a set battery voltage is reached. There are battery guards for battery sets of 12V or 24V.

Larger pbq battery guards are equipped with an alarm contact which can send a signal to, for example, a warning light.

The pbq battery guard protects your battery

Although they were designed for it, it is possible to discharge so-called deep cycle batteries too much. For all AGM batteries the lifetime depends on the depth of discharge (D.O.D.). Although batteries for cyclic use - a cycle is a single charge and discharge - do more cycles than other batteries, the maximum number of cycles is influenced significantly by the D.O.D. The only way to maximize the number of cycles, thus the life of your battery, is to limit the battery voltage. The battery is then discharged until it reaches the battery voltage set. This is called low voltage protection.

Typical applications for battery guards

  • Electric vehicle (EV)
  • Electric boats (electric boating)
  • Service vans
  • Service vehicles
  • Mobile power
  • Second battery system
  • Secondary battery
  • Accessories battery