Battery separators

Battery separators
Product Type Voltage Current Size (lxwxh)
pbq Battery Separator 100A  Battery combiner  12V/24V  100A  46x46x80mm (lxwxh) 
pbq Battery Separator 140A  Battery combiner  12V/24V  140A  46x46x80mm (lxwxh) 
pbq Battery Separator 500A  Battery combiner  12V/24V  500A  80x70x72mm 
pbq Battery Separator 160A IP65  Battery combiner  12V/24V  160A / watertight  108x72x58mm 
pbq Battery Separator 500A IP65  Battery combiner  12V/24V  500A / watertight  80x70x72mm 

pbq battery separator

A pbq battery separator combines your starter and service battery during charging in this way you will only need one battery charger to charge both your service and starter battery. During discharge the battery seperator disconnets the starter battery from the service battery.

This method ensures you with fully charged starter batteries allways able to crank your engine. Resulting in a longer service life of your starter battery because they are not unnecessary drained.



The battery separator combines your batteries

pbq battery separators are applicable for 24V and 12V battery systems. The battery separator is a relay controlled by a microprossor. It automatically connects the batteries in parallel when one of the batteries is charged. And disconnets when charging is stopped and voltage drops below a preset level all with purpose to ensure fully charged batteries without manual switching.

Typical applications for battery separators

  • Starter battery
  • Service vans
  • Service vehicles
  • Mobile power
  • Second battery system
  • Secondary battery
  • Accessories battery
  • Boats