While pbq can and does ship batteries to customers across the entire planet, Europe, the Middle-East and Africa are our focus markets. By focusing on the EMEA, pbq concentrates its services where they count most – [in our own backyard]. pbq offers AGM battery, Gel battery and Lithium battery solutions in the following markets:


USP's pbq batteries

  • Production in ISO certified environments.
  • Military-grade inbound logistics quality checks as specified under MIL-STD-105. 
  • Strict quality control prevents sub-standard products from appearing in the market. High scrap rates during production are prevented as well.
  • Quality control significantly reduces downstream costs through higher QC expenditure.
  • These characteristics and controls mean pbq batteries actually reduce operational costs once they have been installed.
  • Worldwide distributors

pbq battery products

  • VRLA battery (valve-regulated lead-acid)
  • Specialized models available at customer request
  • Lithium LiFePO4 batteries
  • Portable Lithium batteries in all three major chemistries: Li-SOCl2, Li-MnO2 and Li-SO2
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