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We live in an age where always-on media access has become the norm. Consumers and enterprises demand constant access to vital information and media, increasing the importance of broadband and CATV services. To provide this access reliably, CATV and broadband applications require batteries that can deliver continuous power under demanding circumstances.

Fortunately, pbq understands the requirements of stored energy solutions. We offer a variety of VRLA and Lithium batteries for broadband and CATV applications, all designed to offer maximum reliability and quality. Naturally, this product range is complemented by exceptional service levels and world-class logistics. We can even supply CATV and broadband AGM batteries that are tailor-made to your specifications.

Quality batteries for CATV and broadband

Stability and reliability are important operational factors for CATV and broadband batteries. Offering continuous service to residential and commercial customers means that relays, switching stations and other essential components must always be operational. When broadband and CATV batteries fail, the resulting outages can lead to high repair costs as well as damage to your service level.

At pbq batteries, strict quality control is a point of pride. Our CATV and broadband batteries are produced in ISO-certified production environments, and all inbound materials and goods are handled under strict MIL-STD-105 quality assurance protocols. As a result, our VRLA battery solutions offer superior durability and operational life expectancies. Also for Lithium batteries, pbq is your battery supplier. 

Discover the advantages of pbq CATV and broadband batteries

Do you need CATV/broadband batteries that can operate reliably in demanding outdoor conditions? Does your cable or broadband service depend on continuous operation, and would you like to make sure that your stored energy solutions are up to the task? With pbq CATV/broadband batteries, you’ll never have to worry about power failures again. Thanks to our focus on product quality, our battery solutions outperform those of other suppliers, while simultaneously reducing the risk of failure-related costs.

Would you like to know more about our broadband and CATV batteries, or are you looking for a specific product? Our team is always happy to answer your questions. Feel free to contact pbq batteries directly or browse our website for more information.

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Suitable battery products for Broadband and CATV

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