Home medical equipment and mobility

The ability to move freely and interact with others plays a central role in our well-being and quality of life. For people who depend on home medical equipment and mobility solutions in their everyday lives, reliable energy storage is an invaluable asset. Without a dependable battery, a scooter or electric wheelchair cannot function properly – and its user will find his or her independence severely limited. And when your customers depend on the quality of their scooter battery, you need a battery manufacturer who understands their requirements.

By supplying high-grade VRLA battery and Lithium batteries for mobility applications and home medical equipment, pbq gives its clients the ability to consistently provide the right battery for every scooter, HME or other battery-powered mobility application.

Increase scooter battery range with pbq batteries

Range and reliability are important performance criteria for home medical equipment and mobility devices are concerned. Users need to be able to trust their mobility solutions, and that means they need to know that their scooter battery won’t fail under demanding circumstances. To reduce maintenance and replacement costs, a scooter battery must be able to withstand frequent charging and discharging. At the same time, it should provide users with superior range, stability and safety.

At pbq, medical and scooter battery production follows rigorous quality control guidelines to ensure long-term, high-quality power and performance. Our batteries are produced and tested in ISO-certified environments and all inbound materials are assessed under MIL-STD-105 quality protocols. The result is a wide range of batteries that are perfectly suited for use in patient lifts, scooters, electric wheelchairs, mobile IV pumps and other medical equipment.

Find the best scooter battery for your medical mobility solutions

Do you need a high-performance stored energy solution for home medical equipment, or are you looking for a scooter battery that can handle the demands of frequent use? At pbq, you’ll always find a battery that is up to the challenge. Using a pbq battery in a scooter, electric wheelchair or other mobility device will guarantee responsible, dependable power for years to come.

Would you like to know more about our medical mobility product range, or do you have specific questions about our scooter battery products? Finding answers is easy at pbq batteries. Simply browse the website and select your product, or contact our team directly about any questions you might have.

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Suitable battery products for Home medical equipment and mobility

  • Cyclic battery series
  • Lithium batteries
  • Gel batteries
  • Battery Accessories