Although they often remain hidden from view, security systems have a very visible – and important – role in our society. Ever vigilant, they ensure workplace safety while simultaneously protecting valuable assets and resources. Naturally, this means security alarms and emergency lighting solutions are used in many different situations. Regardless of this, they all share one common requirement – each safeguard or alarm requires a battery to guarantee sustained operation. If a battery fails, an alarm or emergency light will not be able to keep your employees or assets safe in the event of a break-in or other calamity.

As an alarm battery manufacturer, pbq focuses on quality, longevity and reliability. If safety and security are your top priorities, our range of emergency lighting and alarm battery solutions is an excellent choice. For each security system pbq offers the right VRLA battery

Exceptional alarm battery performance

Due to their importance, security systems and emergency lighting fixtures require a constant supply of power. Without a reliable auxiliary battery, an alarm or emergency light can easily be compromised by accidental or intentional power outages. Failures in workplace safety and security can have severe consequences, both in terms of damages and personal harm.

Thankfully, these risks can be minimized by using a pbq alarm battery. By producing our security batteries in ISO-certified environments and following MIL-STD-105 quality procedures, we have succeeded in creating highly dependable power storage solutions. Each alarm battery is designed to offer long operational life and high durability, lowering maintenance costs while increasing continuity of service.

VdS approved batteries

Looking for VdS approved batteries? With VdS approved batteries your alarm system does not work during power outages. Most security systems need to be installed by VdS approved batteries to guarantee safety requirements. pbq has an extensive range of VdS approved batteries for alarm systems, emergency lighting systems and security systems. Explore the pbq General Purpose series for all VdS approved batteries for security systems!

Improve your security solutions with a pbq alarm battery

Do you want to protect your security systems against power outages, and are you looking for an alarm battery that can help you eliminate these risks? Would you like to make sure that your emergency lighting fixtures will remain operational in the event of an electrical blackout? Choosing a pbq alarm battery is the easiest way to ensure continuous, dependable power. We offer a wide selection of alarm battery solutions, ranging from maintenance-free sealed AGM batteries and VRLA batteries to high-power Lithium battery packs.

Do you need technical specifications for one of our batteries, or would you like to know more about our products and services in general? Our team is always ready to help. Please feel free to browse our website or contact pbq directly.

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