Solar and wind energy

Renewable energy sources such as wind and sunlight have a wide range of useful applications. Wind turbines and photovoltaics have become cheaper and more efficient over the years, and sustainable energy is increasingly becoming an economically viable choice for both business and consumer applications. Naturally, the growing abundance of wind and solar battery applications has also created a need for reliable power storage.

For off-grid power systems and mobile energy solutions powered by wind and solar energy, battery quality is of great importance. In order to meet demands for quality, reliability and durability, pbq has developed a wide range of VRLA battery products for wind and solar energy systems.

Developing robust wind and solar battery solutions

Sustainable power shows us a compelling vision of the future: a world where our energy needs can be met practically on a local scale, without causing damage to our environment. Increasing the stability and reliability of power storage is an important step towards a greener future, which is why pbq takes the development of wind and solar battery products seriously.

Our solar and wind battery solutions are manufactured in ISO-certified production environments, and pbq batteries are subject to comprehensive quality control. All inbound materials are handled under MIL-STD-105 quality guidelines, ensuring that each wind and solar battery will meet the requirements of modern renewable power systems.

Need a reliable battery for solar or wind energy?

Do you need a robust battery for a wind turbine or a solar battery capable of enduring frequent charging cycles? Are you looking for dependable wind or solar battery solutions for your home, business, vacation cottage, or other off-grid applications? At pbq, you’ll find a broad selection of maintenance-free batteries that are perfectly suited for use in deep duty cycle applications. We offer a variety of AGM batteries, Gel batteries and Lithium batteries to choose from.

Are you looking for a specific battery for your wind or solar energy system, and would you like to know more about our products? Feel free to browse our website or contact pbq batteries regarding any questions you might have. Our team will make sure you find the right solution.

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Suitable battery products for Solar and wind energy

  • Cyclic battery series
  • Lithium batteries
  • Single Cell battery series
  • Battery Accessories