The modern world depends on connections. Telecommunication provides the infrastructure for a large portion of our private and professional lives, allowing us to reach out to across the world from virtually any location. As telecom solutions continue to link business, government and society together, maintaining this infrastructure is an increasingly important task. However, the international nature of telecommunications means reliable power is not always available.

Providing service to areas without widespread grid access requires specialized telecom battery solutions. At the same time, even highly stable power grids can be struck by sudden failures. Finding a quality telecom battery supplier is the most effective way to minimize these risks – and pbq is the perfect choice for all your telecom battery needs.

Dependable telecom battery quality

Telecommunications networks can span vast distances across multiple countries. In areas where grid availability is intermittent or low, a telecom battery is often the only way to maintain consistent service levels. Unfortunately, environmental factors can vary significantly within the span of a single network, subjecting each telecom battery to different operating temperatures. These variations can put considerable strain on your telecom battery solutions.

To guarantee that our batteries will always provide reliable power, pbq places great emphasis on quality control and testing. All of our VRLA battery products are manufactured under MIL-STD-105 quality guidelines in ISO-certified production centers. As a result, our battery solutions can provide reliable long-term power in a wide range of operating conditions.

Find the ideal battery for your telecom application

Do you want to maintain a high service level throughout your entire telecom network, and do you need a battery that can help you achieve this goal? Are you looking for a durable, high-grade telecom battery for your switching stations, signal exchanges or other infrastructure sites? Choosing a pbq telecom battery is an effective method of reducing the continuity risks associated with power outages and brownouts, while simultaneously decreasing your maintenance costs.

Would you like to know more about our AGM batteries, Gel batteries or Lithium batteries, or do you have specific questions about one of our batteries? If so, feel free to contact us directly. Our team can provide all the answers you need and help you find the perfect solution.

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Suitable battery products for Telecommunication

  • Front Access battery series
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  • Long Life battery series