UPS and Emergency power

Without electricity, our world would grind to a halt. Electric power is a driving force in all facets of human life, from the smallest household applications to the largest industrial projects. Over the years, our access to grid electricity has become an afterthought – but even the most reliable power sources may fail occasionally. For companies that depend on power to safeguard their data and information, such failure can be catastrophic.

Fortunately, emergency power systems are an effective way of minimizing these risks. As a supplier of high-grade UPS battery solutions, pbq can help keep your vital data safe from blackouts and grid failures. And with a wide range of AGM batteries, Gel batteries and Lithium batteries to choose from, you’ll always find the right UPS battery for the job.

Improving the reliability of UPS battery solutions

When you need to protect the continuity of your business or that of your clients, you need a VRLA battery that can be trusted with vital information. After all, emergency power systems are the last line of defense against grid failures – if a UPS battery cuts out, the systems it protects will fail as well. This can lead to substantial costs, both in terms of lost productivity and lost information.

To prevent this from happening, pbq has engineered its UPS battery products to offer superior stability, reliability and longevity. In addition, all our batteries are produced under MIL-STD-105 quality protocols in ISO-certified manufacturing environments. This strict adherence to quality and durability means pbq batteries will not only function longer, but also remain operational in demanding conditions.

Secure your power supply with a pbq UPS battery

Do you need a durable, high-grade UPS battery for your emergency power systems? Do you manufacture or service emergency power supplies, and are you looking for a way to offer your clients the best UPS battery solutions? Working with pbq batteries will allow you to minimize your maintenance costs while improving the security of your data and information. Our product range is broad and highly versatile, and well-suited for a wide variety of emergency power applications.

Would you like to know more about our UPS battery products, or are you looking for specific technical specifications? The pbq website provides a detailed overview of our UPS and emergency power solutions, and you can always contact our team for answers and professional advice.

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Suitable battery products for UPS and Emergency power

  • High Rate battery series
  • Front Access battery series
  • Single Cell battery series
  • Long Life battery series